Technology is adancing, trends are continuously changing and classic cermamic tiles are slowly but surely become obsolette and are being pushed out of the modern households. Ceramic tends to be replaced by glass more and more frequently and most of the time it’s kitchen splashbacks that get in their place nowadays. It is a very practical solution that will eventually save you lots of cleaning time due to the flat design with no gaps or spaces where grease or dust can accumulate. Therefore, kitchen splashbacks will provide a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your family to live in. It is truly a low maintenance solution and together with almost endless choices of digital patterns that are printed directly on the glass using our new modern processes, this as a whole creates a unique and undeniably attractive product that will bright up every kitchen space. Still not enough? Send us your photograph, logo of your company or any other image draft and we will print it on your kitchen splashback!