Door panels from Ultra Trend category, covered with HPL resin plates offer not only modern design but also a lot of decors to choose from. Lamination foils are designed to imitate different domestic or exotic trees, or you can choose any RAL coloured foil to add a touch of elegance to your doors. We offer either luxurious intarsia inox applications or countless glass variants. You still can’t choose? Then our bicolor models which combine spray applications with a decor foil will definitely captivate you. The choice is yours!

You can read more about the technical specifications here.

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Stiahnuť obrázok
  • [:en]Door panel covered with HPL resin board [:sk]Dverná výplň opláštená HPL živicovou doskou [:de]Türfüllung mit HPL Kunstharz-Deckschicht [:es]Door panel covered with HPL resin board [:pl]Wypełnienie drzwiowe z HPL płytą żywiczną[:fr]Panneau de porte avec une planche de résine HPL [:]Door panel covered with aluminium plate
  • [:en]Covering materials laminated with decor foil [:sk]Oplášťovacie materiály laminované dekorovou fóliou [:de]Dechschichten beschichtet mit Holzdekorfolie [:es]Covering materials laminated with decor foil [:pl]Płyty kryjące laminowane z okleiną drewnopodobną [:fr]Planches de revêtement avec une feuille décorative [:]RAL colour coating
  • [:en]Door panel[:sk]Dverná výplň[:de]Türfüllung[:es]Door panel[:pl]Wypełnienie drzwiowe[:fr]Panneaux de porte[:]Inlay embedded in covering material Groove
  • [:en]Heat transfer coefficient for HPL [:sk]Koeficient prestupu tepla pre HPL [:de]Wärmedurchgangskoeffizient für HPL [:es]Heat transfer coefficient for HPL [:pl]Współczynnik przenikania ciepła dla HPL [:fr]Coefficient de transfert thermique de HPL [:]Heat transfer coefficient for PVC
  • [:en]Double glazing unit [:sk]Izolačné dvojsko [:de]Doppel-Isolierglas [:es]Double glazing unit [:pl]Szyba podwójna [:fr]Verre double [:]Temepred glass