The words are of no importance here. You have to see it and experience it to really understand what Evolution is about. Period. Eventhough we stand firmly behind this statement, our excitement for this new generation of door panels is just too dificult to hide and we honestly can’t keep it only to ourselves. Clean line of a single piece of glass, simple and effective elegance, timeless appearance and luxury design create together one product, that is visually and functionally perfect as a whole. We significantly lowered the weight compared to glass panels (in some cases by more than 60%) and at the same time we met all industry standards for high thermal insulation properties for door panels. Thanks to glass, we almost completely minimized thermal expansion, and as a result the panel has now much better dimensional stability, which means that it is extremely unlikely for the panel to expand or shrink due to the direct sunlight or freezing temperatures. You can rely on Evolution door panels for entrance doors because we use only toughened glass with very high bending strength and impact resistance, same as used in automobile industry or for building skyscrapers made of glass. No stuck, inserted or uneven parts that only increase the maintenance and decrease the functionality of a panel. Low weight, high security and stability. One piece, one line. One word. Evolution.