About us

KN company was founded in 1993 when we started as a family business with just a handful of dedicated employees, trying to break out into the big world of plastics processing. This was all happening in times when proper technology was hard to get and financially out of reach for many starting companies. However, throughout all this period, plastics has remained our primary domain and already more than 25 years passed since our first product was launched to the market. Much has changed since that day and nowadays we specialise in reseach, development and processing of our own products made of plastics as well as a number of other materials.

Day by day, with more hands-on experience, endless enthusiasm and dedication of our hard-working team of specialists, we have created a wide range of high quality products and at the same time established a well-known brand we are now renowned for among our business partners and customers, both at home and abroad. We export to Switzerland, Germany, France, Poland, Scandinavian countries, Canada and many others. As a result of the increasing demand across numerous markets worldwide, our production line is expanding and we are constantly looking for new opportunities and challenges to keep us busy at work, doing what we love.

We also develop and produce our own interior and exterior doors, which tick all boxes when it comes to norms and standards set by the industry, as well as quality and design, of course. Our latest products include plinth elements and glass products, which we blieve will be the next big thing on the market and soon it will find the way into portfolios of many interior designers and customers looking for something new and different. The basis of our wide product range consists of high quality and esthetically appealing models put together, so each and every customer can find the best product for themselves. And if not, you can always contact us so we can create something special just for you.

KN enjoys finding solutions and is contantly looking for new challenges and ways how to take part in meaningful ecological projects aimed towards more sustainable environment. For more than 15 years we are part of the project focused on tackling environmental issues related to electricity pylons where we developed a solution that lowered the death rate of birds by 90%.

Thanks to the growing interest of the public and high customer satisfaction, we are excited about the prospect of becoming one of the trendsetters in the industry.

We hope you will find what you are looking for and join thousands of happy KN customers at home and abroad.

In case of any questions, please don’t hesitate and get in touch with us!